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Identify your dental needs

For the most effective treatment, it is important to first examine your teeth and pinpoint the exact problem that has led you to seek orthodontic treatment in the first place. The diagnostic process involves two primary steps:

  • Initial Examination -The initial appointment is a clinical exam to determine orthodontic needs. Dr. Keller will discuss you orthodontic treatment options, give an estimate of orthodontic fees and answer your questions.
  • Diagnostic Records - Prior to starting orthodontic treatment, records will need to be taken to enable Dr. Keller to study the problems and determine the right corrective procedures for you. At that time, we will take impressions for upper and lower study models, facial and oral photographs and panoramic and cephalometric x-rays. If time permits, your diagnostic records can be taken at the time of your initial examination visit.

You are also recommended to schedule a routine cleaning and have any additional dental work (i.e.: cavities filled) before your orthodontic treatment begins.

Plan appointments to fit your schedule

For your convenience, we have two offices that we alternate between on a week by week basis. If our Lancaster office is too far for you to travel, you can set up your appointments at our Landisville office. Both location offer the same services and will accept your orthodontic dental insurance coverage.

Please note - If you have orthodontic coverage, ask for our insurance superbill which you can attach to your claim form and submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

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